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JUNE 2 2020

With Jesus in the morning

I give you thanks, Lord, for another day and for another night of rest that has passed. On this day, I ask you to help me to remove all hypocrisy from my life. I really want to be true to you and serious with your Word, but I often fall into the temptation to listen only to myself. Help me to eliminate all the obstacles that I place and that hinder my access to you. In union with Pope Francis, I offer you, Lord, this day that all those who suffer may find their way in life, allowing themselves to be touched by the Heart of Jesus. Glory Be…

With Jesus during the day

Often, when suffering the pains of life alone, the anguish can suffocate us. So, just as Jesus had his true friends, we can also have good-hearted people who share the joys of life with us and be our friendly shoulder in times of pain. Having someone to trust, with whom to speak and advise us, without judging us, is a real treasure. Today I thank the Lord for the good friends that make my journey more beautiful and help me keep the smile on my face.

With Jesus in the night

Find a quiet place and breathe deeply, letting your heart quiet down. What events made you happy today? Did you feel loved, esteemed or valued by someone? Remain with those thoughts for a few minutes. Give thanks to God for all the good things of the day. Prepare yourself for tomorrow to carry God’s love in your heart to give to others. Hail Mary…